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Alzheimer’s Disease and Malpractice: How can Negligence Occur Among Patients with Dementia?

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New Jersey Malpractice Attorneys Explore Misdiagnosis and Other Forms of Negligence Among Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease Under the umbrella term, dementia, is¬†Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is a general term for any number of conditions that lead to memory loss, cognitive deficiencies, and social abilities decline. People with dementia may show signs early by forgetting common words that they usually know or everyday tasks that have been routine in their lives, which can progress to more intense […]

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Malpractice with Septic Arthritis

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You trust your doctor to either know how to diagnose and treat your medical condition or at the very least, to understand when to refer you to someone with the expertise to handle your case, especially in the case of infections. Septic arthritis is one such serious infectious condition that, if not diagnosed and treated quickly, can lead to permanently damaged joints and other serious complications. When a doctor or another medical provider fails to […]

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Diabetes-Related Malpractice in New Jersey

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NJ Diabetes Malpractice Lawyers for Diagnostic, Treatment, Medications Errors Medical negligence involving diabetes is extremely common, particularly as the number of diabetes cases in the U.S. has skyrocketed in recent years. It is now the 7th leading cause of death among Americans. Beyond the untimely deaths caused by diabetes, this condition is also the top cause of amputations, kidney failure, and blindness in the country. Unfortunately, there is no cure for diabetes. Instead, doctors must […]

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Cirrhosis, Fibrosis & Fatty Liver Disease: Risk Factors for Liver Cancer

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Disorders of the liver are serious and some place you at an increased risk for liver cancer. Fibrosis and cirrhosis are among the most common liver disorders and these conditions are in fact, interconnected. Understanding the signs and symptoms of fibrosis and cirrhosis and how they develop is essential to facilitate the most effective diagnosis and treatment. Knowing if you have risk factors may also aid in the early detection of liver cancer. Each of […]

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