Is there a Med Mal Damages Cap in Federally Funded Hospitals in New Jersey?

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Receiving medical care is by no means the same in every environment. Clearly, when you go to your local doctor’s office, visit a nearby urgent care center, check into the hospital, or rush to the emergency room, each experience is fundamentally different from the next. But did you know that where you are treated and who is involved in your treatment may also spell implications if you are a victim of medical malpractice? In fact, […]

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Fronzuto Law Group Brings Medical Malpractice Case before New Jersey Supreme Court

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Attorney Ernest P. Fronzuto, the founder of Fronzuto Law Group, appeared before the New Jersey Supreme Court this week in a significant medical malpractice case that may spell long-term implications for similar medical negligence lawsuits in New Jersey. The case calls into question the right of hospitals to confidentiality when conducting internal reviews of adverse events if they fail to adequately report said incidents to state regulators, as required by law. Under New Jersey’s┬áPatient Safety […]

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