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Across religions, cultures, and continents, one thing remains consistent: our children are our greatest gifts. Both innocent and vulnerable, they rely on us to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. Similarly, we as parents look to medical professionals to provide the care that is necessary to ensure our children’s health and well-being. From the moment that your child enters this world to each and every milestone that follows, you are tasked with an incredible responsibility. By entrusting your child to a physician, nurse, or other health professional, you bestow a similar responsibility to provide the level of care that your child needs. Unfortunately, these professionals can fail to fulfill their duties, with devastating results. When faced with this turn of events, you are not left without recourse. In fact, the law is your greatest resource for holding these negligent parties accountable and ensuring that your child has everything that he or she needs to recover and to thrive.

At Fronzuto Law Group, our skilled personal injury attorneys have successfully resolved hundreds of pediatric malpractice cases, involving conditions such as deformational plagiocephaly, craniosynostosis, cerebral palsy, respiratory distress, Erb’s palsy, and other medical conditions caused by failure to diagnose, improper treatment, and other forms of negligence. In fact, our firm’s founder, Certified Civil Trial Attorney Ernest P. Fronzuto, has developed a unique body of knowledge in the most complex of pediatric malpractice cases, and is now called upon as a national resource in cases involving conditions such as craniosynostosis and plagiocephaly. With an individualized and client-centered approach, our proudest moments occur when parents and their children return to our offices years later, to share with us their many triumphs, large and small, since their cases were successfully resolved.

Overall, our clients look to us confidently for the representation they need in order to protect their children against powerful corporate interests and their representatives. Schedule a free initial consultation with our New Jersey pediatric malpractice lawyers today by calling 973-435-4551 or reach us toll free at 888-409-0816. You can also contact us online for a free review of your child’s case.

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Resolving Your New Jersey Pediatric Malpractice Case

The attorneys at our firm assist parents in pursuing negligence claims against all types of health care professionals and medical facilities, including doctors, nurses, technicians, and other medical professionals.

We frequently handle cases involving:

A medical malpractice lawsuit is unfortunate for all involved, but it is sometimes the best step forward toward recovering damages that can be used to pay for your child’s past and future medical expenses, treatments, and therapies. By law, medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider—physician, hospital, nurse or other healthcare professional—injures a patient through negligence in diagnosing, treating and managing the patient’s health. This can affect children and adult patients alike. If your child suffered harm due to medical negligence by a doctor or another healthcare provider, it is crucial to know and understand your rights and options under New Jersey law.

Medical professionals must adhere to a certain standard of care, or acceptable medical practices by reasonably prudent professionals similarly situated. Each medical professional has a duty to exercise that standard of care. Not only practicing within the standard of care, a medical practitioner also has the duty not to cause injury, meaning, but for their negligence, the injury would not have occurred. The negligence must have directly caused the injury, which resulted in significant damages to the patient, such as loss of quality of life or disability, pain and suffering, economic loss, and medical costs for treatment of the injury, as well as ongoing treatment. When these circumstances apply to your child’s case, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Common Pediatric Medical Errors

Medical errors are either acts of commission or omission that ultimately harm patients, incidences known as adverse events, many of which are preventable. For pediatricians, the most common subjects of malpractice claims are diagnostic errors, with brain injuries, appendicitis, pneumonia and spinal meningitis accounting for the most common injuries. Since their patients are young and unable to adequately communicate symptoms, the pediatrician must rely on parent observations, patient history and their own medical expertise when diagnosing and treating illnesses, diseases, and other medical conditions.

Additionally, symptoms do not always point to one specific condition, but two or more. A child’s limited ability to explain their symptoms, as well as an incomplete picture of the symptoms or clues that might lie in family history and inherited conditions, clearly demonstrate why diagnostic errors involving children occur so frequently. As such, pediatricians must be especially well-versed in the medical literature in their field, keeping abreast of the latest science and medical developments, and vigilant over the best practices that alert their medical team to emergency care.

Additionally, medication errors often occur with pediatric patients because weight plays an important role in dosage. Taken with other factors, like a baby’s immune system reacting to medications or their inability to metabolize medications affecting dosage and choice of medication, healthcare workers often mis-dose children. Like all errors, medication errors may be due to slips, distractions, or lack of attention that result in mistakes.

Other sources of malpractice include incomplete or inaccurate documentation, overlooking or misreading lab results, surgical errors, inadequate follow up care, premature hospital discharge, failure to order appropriate tests, faulty communication and mishandling of patient information delivered by telephone. Other mistakes and poor decisions result from a lack of knowledge, training, or preparation. Regardless of the specific type of medical error that occurs in your child’s medical care, the results can be devastating.

Childhood Condition Negligence Lawyers NJ

With the stakes so high, pediatricians must be proactive at ensuring that their young patients are diagnosed and treated properly. All too often, pediatricians and other doctors fail to provide the care that children patients need and deserve. When this occurs, victims and their families may pursue legal action. Our firm has particular experience representing children in medical malpractice cases involving childhood conditions such as:

We will thoroughly investigate your child’s case to uncover negligence by physicians, surgeons, nurses, and children’s hospitals in order to recover damages for your child’s medical bills, including rehabilitation and adaptive equipment, life care planning, and pain and suffering. Because there are time limits for filing a medical malpractice claim, we urge you to seek timely legal counsel.

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Parents suffer no greater emotional and psychological injury than harm inflicted on their children, especially by a trusted professional. Your life quality and your child’s health depend on your pediatrician’s knowledge and preparation. While not all childhood diseases and injuries are avoidable, your child should not suffer from one that is. At Fronzuto Law Group, your priorities become our priorities from the moment we become involved in your case. With millions of dollars recovered, we protect your child’s interests and assist you in securing the compensation necessary to plan for their brilliant and bright future. Contact our offices at 973-435-4551 for a free initial consultation about your child’s case and find the answers you need to move forward.

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Pediatric Malpractice

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Our attorneys advocate for those who suffer injuries due to the negligence of physicians, nurses, other health care professionals, hospitals, and medical facilities.

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Our team addresses the most complex of pediatric malpractice cases, including rare conditions such as craniosynostosis and plagiocephaly.

Pediatric Malpractice

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Our attorneys advocate for those who suffer injuries due to the negligence of physicians, nurses, other health care professionals, hospitals, and medical facilities.

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