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Although the use of anesthesia has become commonplace in surgery and other medical procedures, it is still fraught with danger. Some types of anesthesia are so powerful that even the slightest error in dosage, or failure to consider a patient’s allergies, can result in severe complications including seizures, paralysis, heart problems, and in the most tragic of cases, wrongful death. When anesthesiologists, surgeons, hospitals, emergency rooms, and other responsible parties are negligent in their administration of anesthesia, the physical and psychological trauma of the experience can be emotionally, if not physically, paralyzing. However, an experienced group of medical malpractice attorneys can stand in the gap, fighting to ensure that you and those you love are thoroughly compensated for the pain you have suffered.

Because of the complex medical and legal considerations involved with anesthesia error cases, there is no substitute for experience. When bringing a claim, our legal team works with seasoned experts, researching every facet of your case to determine negligence, prepare for trial, and zealously advocate for your interests. At the negotiating table and in the court room, we refuse to back down until we achieve the most generous financial award available for you and your family. At Fronzuto Law Group, our extensive record of successful verdicts and settlements illustrates our commitment to excellence and yet, we are equally as proud of our accessible and compassionate approach to client service. Contact our offices anytime at 973-435-4551 or toll-free at 888-409-0816 to speak with one of our knowledgeable lawyers. We will work with you to learn your goals and ensure that you thoroughly understand all of your legal options.

Anesthesia: The Basics

Although anesthesia can be used for a variety of purposes and procedures, its primary functions can be consolidated into the following: relaxing you, preventing you from feeling pain, rendering you unconscious, and/or making you sleepy or forgetful. These powerful medicines can also be used to help control your breathing, blood pressure, blood flow, and heart rate during surgeries and other medical procedures.

There are a number of different forms of anesthesia, each of which can be administered in a different way to serve a specific purpose. For example:

  • Local anesthesia can be administered with a shot to an isolated area as a means by which to numb a small part of the body during minor procedures.
  • Regional anesthesia can be used to prevent you from experiencing pain in a larger portion of your body and/or used to relax you or put you to sleep. This type of anesthesia can be administered in a shot to a specific nerve or group of nerves (peripheral nerve blocks), or can be administered in the vicinity of the spinal cord to affect an entire region of the body (epidural or spinal anesthesia).
  • General anesthesia can be administered intravenously or through inhalation as a means by which to render you unconscious and unable to feel pain during a surgical procedure.

Bringing Your Anesthesia Error Claim in New Jersey

When determining the appropriate type of anesthesia to use for your procedure, or if anesthesia is safe for you as a patient, medical professionals are expected to evaluate:

  • Your current health and medical history
  • Allergies or past allergic reactions
  • Medications that you are currently taking
  • The type of procedure or surgery
  • Results of recent tests, including blood tests, EKG’s, etc.

Anesthesia errors can take many forms, including allergic reactions, overdose and toxicity, and anesthesia awareness, which occurs when the patient is alert and/or able to feel pain in the midst of a procedure. Common anesthesia errors include:

  • Anesthesia overdose: can result in slowed heart rate, decreased blood pressure, severe brain damage and other injuries to the central nervous system, and death
  • Anesthesia awareness: occurs when too little anesthesia is administered and the patient regains consciousness during the procedure
  • Delayed delivery of anesthesia
  • Administering the wrong anesthetic medication, which may result in allergic reaction
  • Failure to prevent anesthesia interactions, such as with prescription drugs and other medications
  • Failure to properly instruct patients prior to a procedure that requires anesthesia (i.e. limiting food or liquid intake)
  • Failure to monitor and/or recognize potentially dangerous reactions to anesthesia during surgery or other medical procedures

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