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During labor and delivery, appropriate monitoring is critical. Abnormalities in the mother’s or fetus’ vital signs, irregularities in the mother’s contractions and a host of other issues can be indications that the fetus may be in distress.Fetal distress is an extremely serious issue that requires swift and decisive action on the part of the medical staff. Failure to take action in a timely manner can result in a variety of complications, including permanent brain damage and even the death of the fetus.We put more than 75 years of combined experience to work on your case. This experience means we can help you understand your legal options and how to choose wisely from them.Please schedule a free initial consultation with our fetal distress injury lawyers today by calling 973-435-4551 (toll free at 888-409-0816). You may also contact our law firm online.

Bringing a Fetal Distress or Birth Injury Claim in New Jersey

At Fronzuto Law Group, Attorneys at Law, we represent clients throughout New York and New Jersey in a variety of these cases. Fetal distress can present itself in many different ways, including lack of oxygen, umbilical cord compression, nuchal cord (umbilical cord wrapping around the neck of the fetus), increased heart rate and abnormal vital signs, among others.

It is essential that doctors recognize fetal distress and take appropriate steps to relieve it as quickly as possible. Depending on the specific circumstances of the case, it may be necessary to administer oxygen or medication, take steps to stop labor or prevent premature birth, or perform an emergency cesarean section.

If they fail to take the necessary steps, we will do everything in our power to see that they are held accountable. We will work to ensure that your child receives all necessary medical care and seek damages for any other considerations relevant to your case.

Investigating the Circumstances of Your Child’s Injuries in New Jersey

If your child has suffered in any way because of the medical team’s failure to recognize fetal distress, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim. These cases can be very difficult to prove. Be sure that you have an experienced medical malpractice lawyer representing you from the start.

There is no excuse for a failure to recognize fetal distress. We are prepared to help you seek full and fair compensation for all of your child’s current and future needs.

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