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Due to the prevalence and potentially catastrophic consequences of tire failures, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration dedicates an entire section of its website to tire safety, with resources and information for drivers including current recall updates and safety procedures. The site also connects to a tire safety ratings database, which allows consumers to search for specific tires by manufacturer, evaluating safety by a number of metrics, including traction, temperature, and wear. Although this information can be extraordinarily useful when purchasing tires or a new vehicle, there are certain circumstances that are simply out of our control. Sadly, thousands of tires are designed and manufactured each year and sold to consumers with critical defects, the results of which can be extraordinarily harmful, if not deadly.

At Fronzuto Law Group, our dedicated team of product liability attorneys has worked to achieve millions of dollars in settlements for clients who have suffered at the hands of negligent product manufacturers. With single product liability settlements of up to $14.5 million, we work to ensure that our clients receive the compensation that they deserve through investigation, collaboration, and a comprehensive, authoritative approach to each case. If you suspect that a defective tire may have caused an accident for you or someone you love, allow us to ensure that the company at-fault is held responsible. To speak with one of our knowledgeable attorneys free of charge, contact our offices at 973-435-4551.

Defective Tires in New Jersey: The Facts

Just as a house is only as strong as its foundation, a car is only as safe as its tires. The underlying concept is stability, as the tires of the vehicle ensure a level of stability and maneuverability that is essential to safe driving. As a result, a tire malfunction can lead to a number of hazardous situations, perhaps the most dangerous of which is the vehicle rollover. Due to the importance of the tires in ensuring overall safety, manufacturers are bound by a host of rules and regulations during the design, testing, and manufacturing phases of the production process. Unfortunately, it is all too common for errors, oversights, or outright disregard to lead to devastating results for unsuspecting drivers.

Was a Defective Tire the Cause of Your New Jersey Auto Accident?

Among the most common tire defects is a condition known as “ineffective adhesion,” which refers to the bonding process that is necessary to ensure the structural integrity of the tire. During the manufacturing process, the various components used to construct the tire, including the inner liner, radial body piles, steel belts, and outer tread, are bonded together through the use of adhesives. Intervening variable such as expired adhesives, foreign materials, impurities and contaminants, or improper manufacturing procedures which allow for the build-up of moisture, can lead to a sub-standard product that becomes compromised over time or fails under pressure. Ultimately, ineffective adhesion can result in tire tread separation, also known as tread detachment, which can lead to traumatic injury or even death for the vehicle’s occupants.

Another potential source of tire defects can arise during the tire design process, when the company is engineering the components of the tire and determining the exact specifications of its development. If problems with the design are not revealed due to insufficient testing, an unsafe product may be produced and marketed to consumers. Some of the most common ways in which defective tires manifest are tire blowouts and under-inflated tires. If a tire blows out, the driver can very quickly lose control of the vehicle, while under-inflated tires, which are often caused by defective valve stems, can lead to tread separations or blow-outs. With the complexity behind the design, manufacturing, and mechanics that may lead to an automobile accident caused by a tire defect, it is essential to have a knowledgeable investigative team evaluate the circumstances of your case.

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At Fronzuto Law Group, we are committed to using all of the information and resources at our disposal to hold companies and manufacturers accountable for the undue harm that they cause to our clients and their families. If you suspect that you or someone you love was injured in a car accident resulting from a tire defect, please contact our offices anytime to discuss your case.

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