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Had surgery damaged my nerves NJ Surgery is, by its very nature, a serious procedure. With the potential to significantly improve or even save your life, it also leaves you extremely vulnerable. There are countless things that can go wrong during the pre-operative, procedural, and postoperative periods, some of which are entirely outside of any single individual’s control. However, medical professionals can have an extraordinary impact on the outcome of a procedure and the patient’s ability to successfully recover, particularly when they make some form of error. When medical negligence occurs before, during, or after a surgery, the results can be catastrophic, if not deadly. Among the most common consequences of surgical negligence is nerve damage, which can occur if the surgeon makes an error during the procedure or the anesthesiologist makes an error during the administration of anesthesia. In either scenario, the patient is entitled to hold these negligent healthcare providers accountable.

Fronzuto Law Group is comprised of a team of highly skilled New Jersey medical malpractice attorneys, dedicated to obtaining maximum compensation for victims of medical negligence throughout the state. With decades of experience and tens of millions of dollars recovered, we understand the devastation that these cases can cause for victims and those who love them. Our firm, led by New Jersey Supreme Court Civil Trial Attorney Ernest P. Fronzuto, is committed to maintaining an atmosphere of client connection. Although we have the knowledge and resources of a large firm, we refuse to reduce our clients to a name in a file. In fact, we develop and maintain consistent, dynamic client relationships through every phase of the legal process, as we aggressively pursue the justice you deserve. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a surgical error resulting in nerve damage or another injury caused by medical malpractice, contact our offices today at 973.435.4551 for a free consultation.

Understanding Nerve Damage

Nerves are essential to the successful functioning of every process in the body, ranging from movement to breathing. There are three separate types of nerves: autonomic, motor, and sensory, each of which serve a distinct and vital function. Autonomic nerves are responsible for involuntary or semi-voluntary processes such as digestion, heart rate, and blood pressure; motor nerves are involved with movement and muscular control; and sensory nerves allow for the processing of feelings such as pain and other sensations.

Since each nerve serves a specific function and these functions are highly diverse, the results of nerve damage are equally variable. Regardless of the area of the body or specific process affected, nerve damage can cause serious, long-term problems and significantly reduce quality of life. Surgery provides the opportunity for nerve damage at the surgical site, in the vicinity of the surgical area, or elsewhere in the body. Since nerves are often connected to body parts and functions in other areas of the body, nerve damage in one location may result in reduced function elsewhere.

Causes of Nerve Damage after Surgery

Nerve damage can be caused by nerve trauma or inflammation of the nerve. In the context of surgery, nerve damage may result from negligence by the surgeon or the anesthesiologist.

Surgeon Negligence Resulting in Nerve Damage

Surgeons inevitably operate in areas surrounded by nerves, which provides a host of opportunities for nerve damage. For example, surgeons can cause nerve trauma by accidentally severing, slicing, clamping, or overly stretching a nerve near the surgical site. They can also cause inflammation of a nerve by rubbing against a nerve with a surgical tool or instrument. Lastly, if a patient is positioned inappropriately during surgery, placing prolonged pressure on a nerve, the nerve can become “pinched” or  damaged due to loss of blood supply.

Anesthesiologist Negligence Resulting in Nerve Damage

Depending on the specific type of anesthesia being used, an anesthesiologist’s error can also result in serious nerve damage. When using local anesthesia, which is administered via a syringe, an anesthesiologist can accidentally puncture or make contact with a nerve resulting in damage. In the case of regional anesthesia, which is typically administered via an injection in the spine, inappropriate administration can cause serious damage to one of the many nerves in the spinal column. Further, when general anesthesia is being used, the patient loses the ability to sense pain. This can become an issue when the body is positioned incorrectly and the patient cannot feel that a nerve is under prolonged pressure.

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