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Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury in New Jersey

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Traumatic brain injury can result in a wide range of effects, with the variability and permanency of these effects depending in large part on the severity of the injury and the victim’s age at the time. A person who suffers a mild TBI may recover fully with or without the help of rehabilitation, while people with moderate or severe brain injuries tend to experience more impactful issues that can potentially present challenges for the rest of their lives. In addition to the extent of a person’s TBI, their age and stage of brain development is also a critical factor in determining the long-term effects of their injury. Some TBI sufferers are forced to cope with permanent cognitive and physical difficulties that require adaptation and possibly assistive devices to perform activities of daily living. In the most severe traumatic brain injury cases, a child or adult will require lifelong care and supervision.

The costs of a brain injury can be as difficult to cope with as the effects of these injuries on individuals and their families. If you and your loved ones have been impacted by a TBI, it is important to understand your legal options if someone else was to blame. The highly experienced New Jersey brain injury lawyers at Fronzuto Law Group have achieved millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of TBI victims, including a recovery of our $3.8 million on behalf of an 18-month-old brain injury victim with permanent disability. To discuss your unique situation with our team of attorneys and find out if you may have grounds for a brain injury claim, contact us today at (973)-435-4551. We provide free case evaluations and are here to answers any questions that you may have.

What Impact will a Brain Injury at Birth have on Person’s Life?

If an infant suffers a traumatic brain injury during labor or delivery, they are at a high risk of suffering permanent negative effects. Infant brains are at a critical stage of development, and disruptions to that development process can have far-reaching and irrevocable consequences. For example, infants can develop cerebral palsy as a result of traumatic brain injuries. Cerebral palsy affects an infant’s brain and motor functions and can manifest in muscle stiffness, problems moving limbs, balance and perception difficulties, and affect many other systems. Some of the symptoms of this disorder can be managed through a wide-range of treatments and therapies, but it cannot currently be cured. Other types of birth injuries, such as hypoxic brain injury, can also cause permanent brain damage leading to cognitive and physical impairments. Almost all these problems can be permanent depending on the severity of the injury. When a child suffers a brain injury at birth and a resulting condition like cerebral palsy, they may be dependent on their caregivers for the remainder of their life.

What are the Long-term Effects of Childhood Brain Injury?

A child’s first three years of life are associated with intensive brain development. In the years that follow, the child’s brain continues to develop into adolescence and early adulthood. As a result, traumatic brain injuries in toddlers, children, and teenagers are distinct from adult brain injuries, both in pathology and potential long-term consequences. Given that a child’s brain is developing in a way that adult brains are not, a TBI to a child may have a higher likelihood of permanent effects than a similar injury to an adult.

Children who suffer brain injury may present symptoms of cognitive impairment, including short-term memory problems, impaired concentration, limited attention spans, difficulty or slowness in reading, writing, and communicating, and generally impaired judgment. Additionally, children with TBI may reach developmental milestones like walking and talking less quickly than other children. They may also have difficulty reasoning and learning socially acceptable behaviors after suffering a traumatic brain injury. All of these negative effects can be permanent, presenting lifelong challenges for the person and their loved ones.

In some cases of more mild childhood brain injury, treatment therapies and rehabilitation can lead to improvements over time. For example, some children may quickly and positively adapt in response to speech therapy, physical therapy, and other rehabilitative treatments following a traumatic brain injury. In other cases involving children with severe TBI, even the most effective treatments available can do little to combat the lasting effects.

Long-Term Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury for Adults

Traumatic brain injuries in adults can result in a variety of effects, including memory and mood problems, difficulty moving, and trouble communicating. The severity of the injury is always important when assessing the potential consequences of a brain injury long-term. For example, patients with severe TBI may have life-long motor problems, vision impairments, issues with thinking and processing language, or paralysis. Adults with any degree of brain injury may also experience difficulties with personal and professional relationships, trouble sleeping, and loss of enjoyment of life.

The symptoms of TBI in adults are similar to those of children; however, the long-term effects may be less far-reaching than in the case of a similar injury sustained by a child. This can be attributed to the fact that an adult’s brains is not in a critical stage of development when it suffers trauma. With that said, adults may have more difficulty adapting to the new limitations and challenges imposed by a traumatic brain injury. Unlike young children who may not know that they have lost function, adults may need counseling and additional rehabilitation to help them cope with the permanent deficits caused by a sufficiently traumatic injury.

Pursue Compensation for the Effects of TBI in New Jersey

If you or a loved one is in need of assistance to pursue legal action for a traumatic brain injury, contact our firm to discuss how you may be able to obtain compensation. Our team of skilled New Jersey traumatic brain injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience to successfully advocate for you. Call (973)-435-4551 for additional information and a free consultation.

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