Novelty Helmets A Dangerous Product For New Jersey Motorcyclists

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The sale of so-called “novelty helmets”, cheap but flashy alternatives to more expensive safety helmets, is leading to more and more motorcycle deaths, according to national authorities. New Jersey motorcycle aficionados should take note: according to many studies, a novelty helmet is a dangerous product that does not provide adequate protection in the event of a crash. Many national safety organizations are attempting to raise awareness about this critical issue.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been studying the long-term statistics associated with novelty helmet use for some time now, and the results are staggering. Over 800,000 novelty helmets are sold every year; and with motorcycle-related deaths on the rise across the nation, the numbers could suggest a potential correlation. Unfortunately, public opinion still favors an anti-helmet stance, and as a result novelty helmets are often purchased as a form of rebellion against lax helmet laws in some states.

Even more troubling, many novelty helmets are designed to pass inspection as legal and meeting national safety standards for manufacture. Coupled with slick marketing, a less expensive price point and a “cool” look, these helmets are often the preferred headgear of casual riders. Unfortunately, as is the case in too many motorcycle accidents, the proof of a novelty helmet’s insufficient protection is often fatal.

Marketing a dangerous product as a reliable alternative to proven safety gear is unethical and potentially disastrous in terms of human life. While it is the responsibility of New Jersey motorcyclists to ensure they comply with state laws for safe riding conduct, it is equally important to be well-versed in the actual capabilities of the safety gear being purchased. While novelty helmet companies may eventually be held liable in the event of a fatal accident, it is preferable to avoid the potential for tragedy.

Source: Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, “Booming Sales of Novelty Helmets Boost Motorcycle Deaths,” Rick Schmitt, April 22, 2013

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