Defective Product Suits Filed Against Appliance Companies

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Several appliance giants have come under fire for product issues specifically regarding front-loading washing machines. Numerous suits originating in New Jersey and elsewhere in the nation have been brought against several companies related to mold and mildew problems associated with their washing machine lines. Most of these defective product claims stem from possible health concerns related to the mold.

Many plaintiffs have reported that not only are front-load washers susceptible to molding within the first few months of purchase, the companies that produce them have been unable or unwilling to address the issue. One plaintiff claims she was forced to seek legal counsel after the company who produces her washing machine refused to fix the problem. Quite often companies have fallen back on their written documentation that directs customers to leave washers open after use.

Some plaintiffs have been more successful than others in their attempts to seek compensation. The plaintiff described above was eventually able to settle her case with $1,500 in monetary compensation and a switch to a top-loading washer and dryer. Given this particular plaintiff complained of respiratory ailments related to the accumulated mold, it is fortunate she was able to settle her case. Other plaintiffs have faced considerable challenges attempting to address similar issues.

Ultimately, companies are responsible to their customers for providing functional products as advertised, and should be held accountable when a defective product fails to live up to expectations. This is particularly true of scenarios in which the product endangers the health or well-being of a customer. New Jersey residents seeking to file such a claim may benefit by ensuring all information is documented effectively before filing a suit. This can mean the difference between a successful compensation and an unfortunate loss.

Source: NBC Miami, “Some Possible Complaints of Front Load Washers,” Trina Robinson, May 11, 2013

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