Defective Product May Have Caused Death Of New Jersey Woman

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A fire that killed a 47-year-old woman on May 29 may have been caused by a defective dishwasher, according to local authorities. New Jersey authorities are still looking into the cause of the fire. They have yet to release any additional information as to the make or model of the defective product.

Firefighters responded to the emergency call early in the morning of May 29. They found the victim unresponsive lying on her couch, and rushed her to a local hospital. She was later pronounced dead, with the cause of death attributed to smoke inhalation by preliminary autopsy findings. There is no word on how much damage the fire may have done to the property.

National studies have confirmed that dishwashers are among the most likely products to suffer from defects. Many fires are directly caused by faulty wiring or other electrical problems within dishwashers. Defective appliances are a growing threat to the safety of the average American household, as many people are unaware of the potential safety risks.

A defective product can be nothing more than a costly annoyance, but as this case shows, the risks can be much greater than that. It is important for New Jersey residents to take extra care in going over a new purchase to ensure everything is in working order. Consumers are entitled to compensation or replacement products if a product is found to be defective, and it may be wise to deal with such an issue ahead of time in order to avoid a senseless tragedy like this one.

Source:, “Defective dishwasher blamed in death of New Jersey woman,” Daniel DiClerico, May 31, 2013

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