Defective Devices Leave New Jersey Children Exposed To Chemicals

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Parents do their best to protect their children in every way possible. When children are young, parents work hard to safeguard their homes so their family isn’t exposed to dangerous chemicals or obvious hazards. They rely heavily on safety devices such as cabinet locks and gates near staircases so prevent children from accessing these areas of the home and ensure their safety.

When these devices are defective, New Jersey children may be exposed to dangerous chemicals. Last week the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of nearly 1 million cabinet safety locks because they were defective and didn’t properly secure the cabinet.

These locks are meant to prevent children from accessing cabinets that could contain dangerous chemicals. These chemicals can lead to severe health complications, injuries and even death if not kept away from small children. Children may accidentally consume these chemicals leaving them in need of immediate medical attention.

A report indicates that three children drank chemicals after these recalled locks failed to provide adequate protection. Parents depend on the manufacturers of these devices to provide safe products that help protect their children. When these devices fail, the results can be devastating.

Manufacturers of safety devices need to be held accountable when their devices fail. These devices can provide a false sense of security for parents. When their children end up in the hospital, they may end up with a long recovery, large hospital bills and the need for future medical attention because of the lasting effect of some chemicals.

Source: CNN Money, “900,000 child safety locks recalled,” Aaron Smith, March 22, 2012

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