Birth Injuries Caused By Doctors Errors In New Jersey Country

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The happiest day of my life. That’s how most parents describe the day their child is born. Most would say this no matter what, but sometimes this happy day can turn into a lifelong disability for the child. Medical malpractice is causing birth injuries in New Jersey and across the country. According to one report, six of every 1,000 infants are born with a birth injury in the United States.

Medical professionals responsible for ensuring the safety of the mother and child are causing injuries that can have devastating consequences. Although the injuries could be scratches and bruises, some of them are more severe such as fractured bones, the most common injury, and cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is caused by irreversible brain damage to the baby because of a lack of oxygen during the delivery. Some injuries might be unavoidable during birth, but many can be avoided if doctors follow proper procedures and receive proper training for different situations that could arise during delivery.

Many New Jersey birth injuries are caused by doctor negligence and other medical staff not doing what they are instructed and trained to do. These injuries can result in the baby or mother needing a lifetime of medical care. This care might include future surgeries to repair damage as well as therapy for the child’s life, all of which can be costly. If a baby is ever injured in the birth process it is important for parent’s to understand their rights and know that they might be entitled to compensation to pay for future medical bills.

Source: KJRH, “How medical malpractice leads to birth injuries,” Jan. 11, 2012

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