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New Jersey Informed Consent LawyersThe New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers at Fronzuto Law Group are currently representing a victim who suffered serious injuries because she was denied adequate informed consent. In this specific situation, her surgeon performed an entirely different procedure than the surgery they had discussed, without first receiving the approval of the patient.

What is Informed Consent?

Informed consent is the right of every person seeking medical care in New Jersey to receive an explanation of their specific condition, the treatment options they have available, and the potential complications or side-effects associated with each choice. When you have a medical condition, your physician’s first responsibility is to make an accurate diagnosis. After that, he or she must provide you with information regarding your condition. What is the prognosis? What are your treatment options? What course of treatment does the doctor recommend? What are the alternatives?

It is with this information that you are able to make an “informed” decision about your medical care and to consent to the decided treatment plan. In other words, you as the patient have the right to know your options and the risks. Before making a significant decision such as moving forward with a surgery, you must provide informed consent. Under New Jersey law, obtaining informed consent is an integral component of an acceptable standard of care. Failure to provide a patient with adequate information and to obtain informed consent is a form of medical malpractice. If a patient suffers injuries resulting from negligence with informed consent, this may be grounds for a lawsuit.

When Lack of Informed Consent Results in Injuries

In the specific case mentioned above, the victim saw her doctor in Passaic County, New Jersey, for a pap smear and a consultation about the removal of vaginal tags. A skin tag is simply a small growth of skin that can develop at any point in a person’s life. Skin tags can grow in the groin area, under the breasts, on the eyelids, in the armpits, or in other regions of the body. In the majority of cases, skin tags are not considered dangerous. When they occur in the vaginal area, they are often confused with genital warts. Sometimes, patients will choose to remove vaginal tags for cosmetic reasons or because they interfere with sexual intercourse.

The woman in this case ultimately decided to move forward with a surgical procedure to remove the vaginal tags. However, on the date of the surgery, her doctor performed an entirely different procedure called a bilateral atrial vulvectomy. This surgery involves the removal of the vulva and is typically performed when a patient suffers from a life-threatening condition such as cancer.

After undergoing a procedure to which she never consented, the woman suffers from pain and bleeding after intercourse, diminution of vaginal lubrication, and significantly altered appearance. The attorneys at Fronzuto Law Group are now aggressively pursuing damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

What if I Never Consented to the Medical Treatment?

If you or a loved one sustained injuries resulting from inadequate informed consent in New Jersey, it is critical to speak with an experienced attorney about your legal options. Fronzuto Law Group fights tirelessly for victims of medical negligence throughout New Jersey, including in Passaic, Bergen, Morris, Essex, and Hudson counties. Our highly experienced medical malpractice lawyers can examine the circumstances of your case to determine if you may have justification to pursue compensation for informed consent negligence. For an absolutely free consultation, call 973-435-4551or reach out online today.

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