Air Crash Survival Rates See Minimal Improvement Over The Last 30 Years

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When residents of Passaic County jump on a plane to visit a relative or to travel for a business trip, they often don’t expect that they will be involved in a preventable plane crash. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, 80 percent of maintenance errors on planes are due to factors such as human fatigue, stress or complacency with the situation. These human errors can result in injuries to passengers and workers, wasted time, delay in departure times and fatal crashes and accidents.

Air Crash Survival Rates

Even though the majority of problems that cause plane crashes are due to human error, survival rates for individuals travelling by plane that are involved in a crash have not improved since the 1970’s, says USA Today. In the 1970’s, 22 percent of passengers that were on a plane when it crashed survived. In comparison, from 2000 to 2009, only 15 percent of passengers involved in a plane crash were able to make it out alive.

Although these crash statistics may discourage individuals from travelling by plane, fatal plane crashes are rare. The USA Today study claims that airline companies in the U.S. operate over 9 million flights on an annual basis. From the beginning of January in 2008 to the beginning of July in 2013, there were only five fatal plane accidents involving U.S. airlines.

Recent Crash Departing From New Jersey Airport

Recently, a plane crash resulted in the death of four people, two of which were children. The flight took off from an airport in New Jersey and was only meant to be in the air for approximately half an hour. The plane crashed and burned but the cause of the accident is unknown, says Forbes. When a plane crash occurs, the type of aircraft being flown, the weather conditions during the flight, the skills of the pilot and any medical or mechanical errors are investigated to determine why the fatal accident occurred and to find ways to prevent future crashes.

Surviving a Plane Crash

Although many travelers are wary about flying because of the chances of crashing, there are several things passengers can do to survive in case an accident does occur. Plane passengers should:

  • Dress for survival by wearing practical shoes and clothing.
  • Try and select a seat near an exit.
  • Keep their shoes on during takeoff and landing and their tray table up.
  • Place any carry-on items underneath the seat in front of them.

When an accident is impending, do your best to stay calm in the situation. Place your head on the seat in front of you and cross your hands so that they cover your forehead or hug your knees to your chest and put your head down.

If you were injured in a plane accident or a plane crash resulted in the fatality of one of your loved ones, find out what your rights are by contacting a Passaic County aviation attorney. As a private pilot, Ernest Fronzuto, Esq. has the essential blend of aviation technical knowledge with years of trial experience to best advise you on any potential claim.

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