School Traumatic Brain Injury Program Receives Grant from CDC

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Recently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided a sizable grant for research centered on a school program for students with traumatic brain injury. The $2.2 million grant will fund researchers from The Center on Brain Injury Research and Training (CBIRT) as they study the Central Oregon Return to School program. This program is dedicated to assisting children who have suffered TBI, as they continue to recover from associated brain damage.

The study represents a coordinated effort among members of the Center on Brain Injury Research and Training (CBIRT), Central Oregon Return to School program, High Desert Educational Services District, and The Center Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Care & Research. The intention of the research is to analyze the efficacy of the TBI program, which serves children who have suffered traumatic brain injuries from birth to age 21. Specifically, the program works with students and provides resources for school employees, to support these children as they continue to recover from concussion, TBI, and related brain damage.

The research project will examine the Central Oregon Regional TBI team model, comparing it with two other programs in terms of children’s outcomes. The specific outcomes of interest range from health, to academics and social function. Essentially, by evaluating this model, researchers aim to better understand how well it is working in facilitating better outcomes for students with brain injuries. By assessing current models and practices when supporting students, the study can be used to ensure these students receive the right services and assistance in schools to thrive, both in the academic realm and individually.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Across Age Groups

Traumatic brain injuries can happen at all ages and stages of life, including those affecting children. Some TBI’s occur at birth, while others may happen in the early years, and still others occur soon before a child reaches adulthood. The potential causes of TBI vary among age groups, as do the prognoses of those who suffer these injuries.

When a traumatic brain injury occurs at birth, potential causes range from failure to respond to fetal distress, to excessive use of force while pulling on a baby’s head, and improper use of labor assisting tools like forceps or vacuum extractors. On the other hand, TBI’s are most often caused by falls when these injuries happen in childhood. Children also frequently suffer brain injuries and concussions while engaging in sports and other recreational activities. This is also true for teens, who may also experience head trauma and brain damage in motor vehicle accidents.

In terms of the prognoses for individual TBI sufferers, this depends largely on the type of injury, the specific location in the brain affected, and the extent to which the injury caused damage. For example, a child may recover from a mild injury in the days or months following the initial event. Moderate injuries can result in long-term problems with learning, thinking, speech and language, and behavior. Severe injuries often have the most devastating prognoses, particularly when they occur at birth or before age 5. A child’s brain continues to develop during this period and is thus highly vulnerable to any form of trauma. A child with a severe TBI may suffer from complete or partial paralysis, difficulty eating, blindness or other sensory impairments, and many other permanent complications. This may prevent them from living on their own for the remainder of their lives.

Need Assistance with a Child’s Traumatic Brain Injury Case in NJ

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