Forms of Negligence Impacting Infants and Children

Frequent Types of Medical Negligence in Pediatric Lawsuits

Top Forms of Negligence Impacting Infants and Children NJ

Medical professionals dedicate their lives to saving lives, and most are conscientious and cautious about their patients’ health and well-being. Unfortunately, however, some medical professionals become overworked, inattentive, and cemented in their ways as medicine changes throughout the years. This occurs frequently and can be particularly detrimental when the victims are innocent children. When a pediatrician’s medical services harm a child, their parents want to know about their recourse. Many parents would be surprised to learn that malpractice with infant and child patients occurs in many medical practice areas, not just among pediatricians.

If your child experienced injuries or complications during medical treatment and you suspect negligence contributed to the outcome, contact Fronzuto Law Group by calling (973)-435-4551 or fill out our online contact form. We assist parents and children with pediatric malpractice claims throughout New Jersey and consult on these cases on a national scale.

Some Poor Decisions and Failures Providing Medical Care Happen more than Others to Children and Babies

Misdiagnosis of a Child’s Condition

Misdiagnoses comprise many pediatric malpractice incidents. For example, a pediatrician who misdiagnoses a baby’s fever as regular flu or cold symptoms may be a defendant in a medical malpractice action when the diagnosis is incorrect. Fever can be a sign of something serious, like an infection that, if left untreated, can turn into sepsis, a life-threatening disease. Some ignored symptoms can turn fatal or complicated if left untreated for too long, like certain childhood cancers.

Negligence with Medication

Medication errors harm children when they are over or under-dosed with medication or given the wrong medication. Failing to check a child’s chart for allergies can lead to horrifying medication reactions, including anaphylactic shock. Also, medication errors during surgery can turn fatal quickly.

Anesthesia Mishaps

Anesthesiologists who make anesthesia dosage mistakes or fail to monitor a child under anesthesia closely can cause permanent harm to a child, causing brain or neurological damage. An anesthesiologist must also ensure that parents know their child must not eat before surgery or risk choking. Checking the child’s chart for reports of last food intake is critical and often tragic when overlooked.

Mistakes with Pediatric Surgery

Surgical errors are also typical pediatric malpractice grounds. A surgeon who surgically repairs or removes the wrong body part, leaves instruments in the patient, or fails to follow up with the patient post-surgery can cause a child grave, long-lasting injury.

Mistakes in Treatment for Older Children

All children also suffer from medication and surgical errors, while teenagers’ injuries may also be due to gynecological negligence in addition to common pediatric mistakes. Older children fall victim to misdiagnoses regarding fractures, dislocations, tumors, meningitis, pneumonia, appendicitis, and infections. Most infant malpractice actions involve obstetrical mistakes that leave neonates temporarily or permanently injured, but children of all ages suffer when physicians miss a diagnosis or make an incorrect diagnosis.

Inadequate Testing and Testing Errors

Poor Decisions and Failures when Treating Babies and Children

All children are vulnerable to inadequate testing and assessment for diagnostic purposes. Lost test results or failure to follow up on test results are other reasons for diagnostic failures.

Miscommunication and Lack of Communication

Ineffective communication between the doctor and patient’s parents accounts for one reason for the inadequate evaluation. Parents are unsure of what to report to their doctors, so doctors who do not ask enough questions can misdiagnose a child for lack of important information. Moreover, office miscommunication or poor protocol can harm infants and children receiving care too. For example, a parent’s report of changed symptoms or conditions after surgery or an office visit should reach the treating physician. If the message is lost or unreported, the child can end up in an emergency room fighting for their life.

Liability Beyond the Doctor’s Attention

Medical malpractice is not only a physician problem. Nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, midwives, lab technicians, hospital administrators, and receptionists can all be liable for performing below the professional standards required by the various governing organizations and agencies that set practice standards. Sometimes hospitals and their employees are defendants in a malpractice lawsuit as contributors to your infant’s or child’s damages.

Retaining an Experienced Lawyer Can Make a World of Difference

Whether the child suffered harm at the hands of an obstetrician, pediatrician, surgeon, family doctor, or emergency room physician, the damages to children of all ages can be devastating and expensive. When this happens to your child, you want advice and assurance when your child cannot live without human or mechanical assistance due to a medical professional’s negligence. In addition, you want to know that you can afford your child’s treatment and therapeutic needs now and in the future. Answers to many of your questions are available from the knowledgeable lawyers at our New Jersey firm.

Consulting with our team of attorneys at Fronzuto Law Group, you will learn that those who caused your child harm may be liable for your medical costs as long as your child needs medical care due to their negligently induced injury or injuries. Medications, medical devices, adaptive machinery, and tools for your child’s needs may all be damages that a jury may award in a pediatric malpractice lawsuit.

When you get in touch with us, one of our experienced attorneys can educate you about verdict or settlement prospects in your child’s case and the steps we can help you take to receive compensation from the responsible party or parties. To reach us at Fronzuto Law Group today, call 973-435-4551, toll-free at 888-409-0816, or complete our online contact form.

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Our attorneys advocate for those who suffer injuries due to the negligence of physicians, nurses, other health care professionals, hospitals, and medical facilities.

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