New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Settlement: Fronzuto Law Group Obtains $2.6 million on behalf of Permanently Injured Woman

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The experienced personal injury attorneys at Fronzuto Law Group recently obtained 2.6 million dollars in compensation while representing a 72-year-old female client who was tragically struck by a truck while walking.

Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorneys in NJOur client was attempting to cross the street in a crosswalk in Passaic County, New Jersey, when a delivery truck making a left turn collided with her. On that day, and in the months thereafter, this unsuspecting, law-abiding woman’s life was unalterably changed.

Pedestrian Struck at a Crosswalk: A Fleeting Moment, a Lasting Impact

Upon taking the case, our legal team immediately utilized an investigator to attempt to obtain video of the incident, as well as to secure witness statements. Our legal team further sought to demonstrate the severe and permanent injuries that our client experienced due to this pedestrian accident. On the day of the incident, the victim sought to cross the street when a truck driver, attempting to turn left at an intersection, hit her. Unable to move and experiencing extreme physical pain, our client was transported to the Emergency Department of a nearby medical center in Paterson, New Jersey.

In the weeks that followed, she endured numerous surgeries and painful wound debridements to address her catastrophic injuries, which included trauma to both of her legs. She also suffered from acute blood loss, anemia, kidney damage, and admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) for resuscitation and close monitoring.

After a two-week hospital stay, she was immediately discharged to a local healthcare center for rehabilitation, where she was to stay for months. Although the expectation of second-stage care is continued recuperation, quite the opposite occurred in this case.

During the time in the rehab center, her mental and physical health deteriorated substantially, ultimately resulting in a diminished mental state, as well as a urinary tract infection that devolved into sepsis when it entered her bloodstream. A bout of COVID-19 added to the lengthy list of physical ailments from which she suffered in this process. A trip back to the hospital, necessitated by her condition, was followed by yet another stay in the rehab center to further her recovery. At home care is now necessary to address the ongoing consequences of her injuries and associated complications.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries Take a Toll on Quality of Life in a Multitude of Ways

The accident spelled long-term implications for our client, who utilizes a wheelchair as needed and is faced with tremendous difficulties when attempting to perform the activities of her daily life. A woman who walked and lived independently can now spend a few moments on her feet without the need for additional support. Her severe pain has not abated, nor has the swelling and immobility that is now a permanent feature of her day-to-day living. Based on the extent of the injuries resulting from a negligently driven truck, what was once her life is no more. 

If you are an injured pedestrian or someone you love suffered injuries or wrongful death in New Jersey, please do not hesitate to seek dedicated answers and further information about your potential claim by contacting Fronzuto Law Group. Our passion is to ensure that a complicated, often intimidating system does not deprive you and your loved ones of the optimal recovery you deserve.

Responsibilities of Drivers and Pedestrians in New Jersey

Under New Jersey law, drivers and pedestrians are subject to certain responsibilities while driving in the presence of pedestrians and walking, respectively. Drivers are obligated to exercise a reasonable duty of care, precaution, and vigilance while operating vehicles on the roadways of this state. Such a duty is evaluated in the context of what a prudent individual would do amidst similar circumstances, in an effort to protect the safety of others. With this in mind, a driver must yield to any and all pedestrians who lawfully seek to cross at crosswalks or intersections. Moreover, the driver is expected to stop their vehicle entirely until such time as the pedestrian exits the crosswalk.

The limited exception applies to scenarios in which the pedestrian abruptly runs into the crosswalk or departs from the curb, offering no time for a reasonably vigilant driver to respond by yielding. As for additional expectations of pedestrians, those walking must access crosswalks and follow traffic signals. If a pedestrian intends to walk in the absence of a designated crosswalk, he or she no longer has the right of way and is expected to yield to the drivers present until such time as it is safe to cross the street.

In the aforementioned case, our client was lawfully crossing the street at the appropriate time and place when the Defendant driver failed to exercise his duty of care in yielding to pedestrians.

Despite the precautions of so many innocent victims like our client, attempting to traverse streets throughout New Jersey while observing traffic laws, accidents at crosswalks resulting in significant harm are far too prevalent.

If you or your Loved One has been Injured in a Pedestrian Accident in New Jersey,

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When pedestrian accidents leave injured victims confused as to the rights and options that may be available to them, the attorneys at Fronzuto Law Group stand ready to offer guidance and support in the legal process. New Jersey offers recourse to those struck by vehicles of all kinds, and a means by which to pursue justice and financial compensation from those responsible for causing them harm.

Our team fights tirelessly for compensation to cover a vast array of losses, including medical expenses, costs for rehabilitative treatments and therapies, loss of income in recovery or due to permanent disability, as well as physical pain and mental suffering due to these traumatic events. Call our New Jersey pedestrian accident injury lawyers now to explore your options for pursuing the monetary recovery you so desperately need. We invite you to contact us at 973-435-4551 or toll free at 888-409-0816 to discuss your case and receive a free initial consultation. 

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