Fronzuto Law Group Recovers $1.9 Million in NJ Prenatal Care Negligence Case

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Attorneys for Negligent Prenatal Care in New Jersey

NJ Pregnancy Malpractice LawyersThe medical malpractice team at Fronzuto Law Group, LLC. recently recovered $1.9 million on behalf of a woman who suffered permanent injuries resulting from negligent prenatal care in New Jersey.

The plaintiff in this case received obstetrical and gynecological care from the same medical group for her first and second pregnancies. She delivered her first child via C-section in Morristown, NJ after she was identified as having elevated blood pressure and swelling (also known as edema). In the course of her prenatal care, preeclampsia, a serious medical condition marked by high blood pressure during and immediately after pregnancy, was included as a differential diagnosis. Signs of preeclampsia include edema, increases in blood pressure, and protein in the urine.

When the plaintiff was sent to a Morris County hospital, another doctor from the same medical group noted her blood pressure reading was elevated for two visits and continuing to rise. The doctor ordered a planned induction and blood pressure monitoring; the plaintiff delivered her first child via cesarean section the same day.

After her first baby, the plaintiff sought prenatal care from the same medical group. Her second pregnancy was confirmed at approximately seven weeks and during a follow-up appointment, the doctor who took a family history failed to note the plaintiff’s previous pregnancy with elevated blood pressure or her mother’s past preeclampsia. During the appointments that followed, doctors noted that the plaintiff was experiencing swelling in her lower extremities and hands. The edema was accompanied by protein in her urine, both of which are symptoms of preeclampsia.

In yet another appointment, where tests showed the plaintiff’s blood pressure and protein in her urine were continuing to increase, the doctor failed to consider the original preeclampsia differential diagnosis or the plaintiff’s first pregnancy. Shortly thereafter, the plaintiff’s husband called the medical group to advise them that he planned to take his pregnant wife on vacation, and to inquire about the safety of a prenatal massage. The receptionist called the husband back confirming that this would be fine.

While on vacation, the plaintiff developed vision problems in her left eye, accompanied by vomiting. She was soon taken to a nearby medical center where she was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage (an intracranial hemorrhage specifically). She was transferred to a nearby hospital where she underwent emergency brain surgery and a C-section. An extended hospital stay and numerous surgeries and complications followed. The plaintiff was placed in a medically induced coma during this time, after which she awoke with permanent injuries.

After emerging from her comatose state, the plaintiff was unable to speak or understand language and could not move the right side of her body. She was considered to be in a minimally conscious state where she was unaware of her surroundings, and required moderate to maximal assistance for bathing and dressing. After significant inpatient and outpatient occupational, physical, and speech therapy, was underwent yet another skull surgery.

While she has made significant strides in her recovery, the plaintiff continues to suffer from some communication and language deficits. She also has left drop foot requiring that she walk with the use of a brace. Although she worked diligently to return to her old self, she is limited based upon her cognitive, communication, and language deficits. These deficits have had a significant negative impact on her overall quality of life and limit her ability to care for her young children or conduct activities of daily living. She cannot resume her career.

As a result of the negligent prenatal care she received, the victim in this case suffered neurological, cognitive, and physical deficits that have been deemed permanent. Although nothing can restore her former life, the experienced New Jersey medical malpractice attorneys at Fronzuto Law Group, LLC. were able to obtain a recovery of $1.9 million in damages on her behalf.

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