Filing a Lawsuit for Tepezza-Related Hearing Loss

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Current Status of Tepezza Litigation – Class Action Lawsuit for Tepezza

Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit Attorneys in NJ

Numerous lawsuits against Horizon Therapeutics, the makers of Tepezza, are currently coordinated in multidistrict litigation (MDL) in federal court. The class action lawsuits arise from the drug’s connection to detrimental side effects, which include hearing loss, deafness, and tinnitus. The link between Tepezza and these serious injuries in individuals receiving treatment for thyroid eye disease has resulted in injured parties nationwide filing for damages. If you are wondering about filing a claim for Tepezza hearing loss or other injuries and the possibility of participating in the class action lawsuit for Tepezza, contact Fronzuto Law Group today at 973-435-4551 for a free consultation. Our attorneys are pleased to review your case and explore the legal avenues that may be available to you.

Tepezza Lawsuit Status in 2024

Currently, the consolidated class action lawsuits are in the investigative stage. One federal court judge will coordinate the pre-trial phase, allowing plaintiffs to share information and resources. However, each plaintiff’s case has a Tepezza lawyer to advocate for each plaintiff. The discovery phase is expected to stretch out over a year or more before entering the pre-trial phase of the prominent representative cases. The trial date for the first test case is scheduled for March 2026. If you experienced hearing loss from Tepezza, you should consider legal representation to present your unique circumstances with the drug. Speak with an attorney by contacting us now.

Tepezza Timeline: From Development to Litigation

Tepezza, the brand name for teprotumumab, is a pharmaceutical treatment for thyroid eye disease (TED), an autoimmune condition most often associated with Graves disease. TED causes the tissue around the eyes to swell, resulting in eye bulging, swelling, redness, and pain. It also causes double vision. Tepezza is considered a groundbreaking drug treatment for the condition.

Tepezza Administration

The drug therapy for TED consists of a series of eight injections of Tepezza. A doctor injects the person with Tepezza in successive infusions every three weeks over five months on an outpatient basis. The drug makers claim Tepezza alleviates symptoms and prevents vision loss from TED without the necessity of surgeries to correct the condition. Before the drug treatment, surgery was one of the only options to alleviate symptoms and prevent blindness.

Functionality of Tepezza

Horizon Therapeutics developed Tepezza to target the source of the condition. So, the drug short-circuits the autoimmune attacks on the tissue surrounding the eyes by blocking receptors that activate under an affected immune system. Preventing tissue inflammation reduces TED symptoms and helps improve vision. The drug benefits, reduced symptoms and improved sight, last for nearly a year after treatment. 

Approval for Tepezza and Warning Labels

Though the FDA approved Tepezza in 2020, warning label additions about hearing loss came from the FDA after the drug’s release. In fact, Horizon Therapeutics and the FDA warn that Tepezza may cause reactions to the infusions, exacerbated inflammatory bowel disease, hyperglycemia (higher blood sugar levels), and potentially permanent hearing impairment and loss. The FDA approved the medication by weighing the side effects against the significant benefits to those afflicted with TED and added the last warning about damaged hearing. 

Apparently, the drug manufacturer acknowledged that their tests show a small percentage of users experienced “hearing-related events” after taking the drug. However, other studies calculate that a higher number of users are affected by hearing loss. The FDA’s addition of hearing loss and impairment on the warning label to the medication advises hearing screenings for those considering the drug before, during, and after taking Tepezza.

As such, the plaintiffs in the lawsuits allege that the drug manufacturer failed to adequately warn users of such a significant side effect.  

What Happens if Tepezza Side Effects Set In?

Once the injection is administered, the patient may experience side effects within a day. However, patients may experience reactions even later since the drug remains in their system for over three months after the final treatment.

When patients experience short-term or permanent side effects, these may exist in the form of muscle pain, headache, respiratory problems, rapid heartbeat, facial redness, and overheating. Their blood pressure may rise. Other side effects include high blood sugar, nausea, diarrhea, hair loss, fatigue, skin dryness, weight loss, sense of taste changes, worsened inflammatory bowel disease, and hearing loss, the source of the mounting lawsuits.

Who is at Increased Risk for Tepezza Side Effects?

Given the possible side effects, those with high blood pressure, inflammatory bowel disease, and diabetes risk worsening these conditions and suffering permanent damage. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctors before taking Tepezza, given the lengthy list of side effects.

However, the decision to undergo Tepezza treatment is a calculation of risks weighing the patient’s pre-existing conditions and hearing loss risk against the degree of affliction from TED. The pain and vision loss may warrant the risk when an individual does not have other conditions that Tepezza could worsen. Once people understand the medication’s risks, they can work with their physician to decide whether it’s right for them.   

If Tepezza Causes Hearing Loss, Can it Ever Go Away?

Hearing loss from Tepezza may be temporary or permanent. Corticosteroid treatments may reverse the side effects of hearing loss. Alternatively, ending the Tepezza treatments may also help improve hearing. Those whose hearing does not improve even after several months may have permanent or long-term hearing loss and should consider joining the class action lawsuit. 

Who Qualifies for a Tepezza Lawsuit?

Patients with permanent hearing impairment, complete deafness, or tinnitus from using Tepezza are highly advised to speak with an attorney regarding the Tepezza Multidistrict Litigation (MDL). Fronzuto Law Group has vast experience handling medical device and pharmaceutical product liability claims and we can assist with determining your options as it relates to the Tepezza litigation. 

Contact a Seasoned Tepezza Attorney at Fronzuto Law Group for Guidance with Your Case

Federal court rules and multiple lawsuits make class action suits complicated, especially when confronting pharmaceutical manufacturers and their attorneys. With so many cases already progressing through the investigative stages before pre-trial litigation and trials, our Tepezza lawyers at Fronzuto Law Group can provide you with an advantage when dealing with the complexities and challenges often presented in the legal process. We understand the nature of such complex product liability litigation and its timeline. Our team can review your case and offer guidance on pursuing a claim for hearing loss and Tepezza-related injuries, as well as hone in on critical issues that may entitle you to compensation. Contact us today at 973-435-4551 to discuss your Tepezza injuries. 

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