Similar Wrongful Death Could Happen In New Jersey Hospital

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Thousands of people end up in emergency rooms every day across the country. Most of the time, people are treated without any issues. Recently, a woman was arrested after refusing to leave the emergency room because she didn’t think she was fully treated. She later died in a jail cell because of an undiagnosed condition.

Although the hospital wasn’t in New Jersey, a similar wrongful death situation could arise anywhere. When doctors are negligent, the results can be deadly. In this situation, the emergency room staff may have not conducted a thorough examination which could have prevented this woman’s death.

She was heard moaning and crying in a surveillance video at the jail, according to reports. The woman’s family is now looking into what happened in her death and how it could have been prevented. She leaves behind two children, who will probably have to be cared for by family members.

The hospital in this case says they did all the right things. The organization says that the tests they did on the woman are not always accurate in diagnosing her condition. More could have been done to ensure the woman had a thorough and accurate diagnosis.

Her family will now have to pay for a funeral for the woman. They will also have to come up with the money to raise two children. Raising children can be costly. Although the family loves the children, their financial situation might not allow for them to provide the best wellbeing for the children.

Seeking compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit might be able to help families pay for funerals and future expenses when a loved one dies from someone else’s negligence.

Source: MSNBC, “Hospital: Mom booted from ER who died in jail was treated appropriately,” March 29, 2012

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