Plaintiffs in Product Liability Lawsuit Against Bayer Claim Failure to Warn

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Birth Control Implant Lawsuit Help in NJ

birth control implant lawsuit attorneys NJAfter a series of product liability lawsuits claiming Bayer Corp. failed to warn patients about the potential risks associated with one of its birth control implants, a California judge recently granted a motion to allow for coordination among the plaintiffs’ cases. This significant decision will allow plaintiffs and their attorneys to share information, pool resources, and gain traction as they move forward.

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Failure to Warn about Birth Control Products

Failure to warn is one of the most common types of product liability litigation. The law requires that medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies inform medical professionals of the potential risks associated with their products. If they inform doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who prescribe or use their products of these risks, medical professionals are then required to inform their patients. In product liability failure to warn cases, it is essential identify where negligence lies. In other words, was it the manufacturer or the medical professional who failed to fulfill their duty? An experienced product liability attorney can assist with determining fault and advocating for those injured by dangerous products.

Wasn’t Informed of the Risk of a Birth Control Implant

The medical device in this case is the Essure birth control implant, manufactured by Bayer Corp. The underlying argument among the plaintiffs is that Bayer failed to inform medical professionals and the FDA that the implant may pose dangerous health risks, including chronic pain, bleeding, a perforated uterus, and unintended pregnancy.

As for the Food and Drug Administration, this regulatory body enforces the safety standards associated with pharmaceutical drugs and devices. If a manufacturer fails to inform the FDA when findings of potential risks exist, the manufacturer can be held liable for injuries to the innocent patients who utilized their products. In other cases, a manufacturers’ failure to comply with the labeling requirements imposed by the FDA can lead to product liability claims. However, simply providing the appropriate labels does not absolve a medical device or implant manufacturer from liability for failure to warn.

For additional information pertaining to this case, access the following article: In Win for Plaintiffs, Oakland Judge Takes Control of Bayer Suits

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