New Jersey Moves To Protect Patients From Medical Negligence

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When the terms medical malpractice or medical negligence are heard, people most often think of surgical errors, incorrect records, or birth injuries. One area of medicine that may be overlooked is in the area of prescription management. Doctors must be equally as ethical in their handling of prescription drugs as they are with any other area of medical care. New Jersey licensing authorities are being proactive in keeping one doctor accused of medical negligence out of New Jersey medical centers.

The state of New Jersey’s medical board has suspended a doctor’s license after a neighboring state revoked his license in June. The doctor was found to be negligent in his care of patients, particularly seven cases which were considered to be ‘grossly mismanaged.’ According to reports, the doctor is also accused of selling prescription painkillers and insurance fraud.

In an attempt to keep this doctor from moving from New York into New Jersey to practice, New Jersey medical officials are working hard to swiftly protect patients. It is alleged that this doctor saw patients without examining them, but was prescribing them prescription painkillers so long as they reported the examinations and unnecessary tests. This allowed him to file the expenses on their insurance and collect money for services that were never rendered. In addition, he was promoting an unhealthy practice of providing potentially dangerous prescriptions to people who may not have needed them.

This case illustrates that medical negligence can come in many forms. Along with grossly negligent acts, the act of mismanaging care can also be dangerous to patients. Due to the complex nature of medical malpractice and negligence cases, it is important that New Jersey residents who feel they have fallen victim to one of these situations seek help. Having a strong, knowledgeable and experienced team in place can help victims rest assured that their case will be fought hard so that the best result possible will be achieved.

Source:, “NJ suspends license of Upper Saddle River doctor after federal drug charges,” Marlene Naanes, Aug. 10, 2012

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