New Jersey Company Recalls Potentially Dangerous Product

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Parents place a lot of trust in the products they use for their children. Children may be especially vulnerable to the influences that these products have on their short and long term health because they are in the developmental stages of their lives. Last week, the New Jersey company Johnson & Johnson recalled a potentially dangerous product. The baby lotion that was recalled may have excess levels of bacteria.

Testing by the Food and Drug Administration revealed that one lot of the products, distributed to nine states, exceeds the specifications for bacteria. The company says that consumers are safe, and that they don’t expect any injuries from the product.

Although the company denies that this product could harm consumers, it underscores a growing problem that companies are not applying rigorous standards to the products they are putting out on the shelves. Most people have to trust the products on the shelf are safe to use because they don’t have access to inside information ensuring the quality.

The Food and Drug Administration also many times relies on companies to test their own products and ensure their safety, since the agency does not have the capacity and employee base to test every single product that is entering the market. Johnson and Johnson has had 30 product recalls since 2009, showing that this is a problem that exists and will continue to exist unless companies are held accountable for their products.

If you are injured because of a defective or dangerous product, it might be wise to consult with a New Jersey personal injury attorney.

Source: Washington Post, “Johnson & Johnson recalls 1 lot of Aveeno baby lotion from stores over possible contamination,” Jan. 27, 2012

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