New Jerse Made Lipitor Generic Recalled As Dangerous Product

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A drug company with a manufacturing facility here in New Jersey recently recalled one of its products due to a dangerous risk. The dangerous product in question is a generic version of the prescription drug Lipitor. The reason for the recall is that small particles of glass were discovered inside some of the pills.

The parent company, Ranbaxy Laboratories, Inc., is based overseas, but makes and markets products here in the U.S. The discovery of glass particles in the pills led the company to voluntarily recall the product known as atorvastatin calcium, used for lowering cholesterol. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating the problem. So far, the company is working with the FDA to resolve safety and quality issues.

Included in the recall are dose strengths of 10, 20 and 40 milligrams. The 80-milligram strength pills are not included in the recall. Consumers who have purchased the lower doses in both 90- and 500-count bottles may be affected. The FDA recommends that consumers who are concerned that they have ingested the potentially dangerous pills should seek medical attention.

Due to the recall, consumers who are prescribed this drug may have a difficult time obtaining it. To help, other manufacturers are being consulted to ensure that consumers do not go without the needed medications.

When a company discovers that it has inadvertently supplied retailers with a dangerous product, a recall is often the best option to reduce additional harm. Early news items regarding this recall do not indicate whether anyone has been injured due to the glass particles.

But New Jersey consumers would be wise to beware. If anyone believes they have fallen ill or been injured due to a dangerous product, they should contact an attorney to learn about their legal rights.

Source: The Plain Dealer, “Generic Lipitor recalled after glass particles found in some batches,” Brie Zeltner, Nov. 26, 2012

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