Burning Dishwashers Pose Danger To New Jersey Households

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Sometimes hazards come from the most unexpected places. Dangerous products usual cause harm the danger seems so unlikely, a New Jersey family would never suspect the product could harm them. That’s exactly what could happen with a dishwasher that has been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission last week.

Twenty-one dishwashers from Viking Range Corporation have reportedly overheated and started on fire. This unsuspected danger lurking in kitchens across the country could have devastating effects on a family, if the company fails to properly warn consumers.

Many people start their dishwashers before going to sleep at night. If a dishwasher catches fire while a family is sleeping, they could sustain significant property damage, or be personally injured of killed if they aren’t woken by a smoke alarm in time to get out of the house.

This is an example of how some products might seem fine, or pose no obvious danger, but when there is a manufacturing error or defect, they can be deadly. Although no one was seriously hurt or killed because of this dangerous product, New Jersey families should understand their rights if they fall victim to a defective product. Not only can injuries from these products cause great physical pain, but also long-term financial suffering.

Medical expenses can quickly add up, causing families to dip into their retirement accounts and savings that they have worked so hard to preserve. Being the victim of a dangerous product injury shouldn’t mean you have to change your lifelong dreams because of financial difficulty.

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission News Release, “Viking Range Recalls Dishwashers Due to Fire Hazard,” April 10, 2012

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