Bike Season Is Upon Us So Are Potential Injuries From Defective Products

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Spring is in full swing, and people are anxious to get out and take it all in. Many people might be dusting off their bikes to hit the roads and trails when the weather cooperates. While some extreme bike enthusiasts will take their bikes in for a tune up and frequent their bike shops where they might catch word of a recall, people who are less competitive bikers might not notice a recall of their bike.

Because not everyone is searching the web for constant updates on product recalls for all of the products they own, it is important that companies manufacture quality, safe products every time. This month, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of three major bike brands. The bikes that were recalled had a suspension issue that caused the system to break, possibly leading to injury. Severe injuries can result from defective products such as this. That’s why it is important to understand your rights if you are injured.

When companies fail to provide a safe product for consumers, they risk injuring innocent people. There had been 12 incidents reported at the time of the recall, but that number could grow if the recall campaign is not thorough. People can be injured by these defective products, which could result in unexpected medical bills. Often times, these medical bills can lead to a person having to choose which bills to pay every month.

An injury from a poorly designed or manufactured product shouldn’t leave you choosing between paying your rent and paying your medical bills. Speaking with a personal injury attorney might be a wise decision if you are injured by a defective product.

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission News Release, “GT, Giant and Trek Bicycles with SR Suntour Suspension Forks Recalled by SR Suntour Due to Fall Hazard,” April 12, 2012

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