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U.S. Veteran Confronts VA after Cancer Misdiagnosis

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Diagnosed wrong type of cancer NJUnited States veteran Lynn Magistrale, whose career included service in the U.S. Navy, a tour of duty in Iraq, and a position as a reservist for the U.S. Air Force, is currently confronting the United States Department of Veterans Affairs after their failure to diagnose and subsequent misdiagnosis of her cancer.

For veterans and innocent patients in New Jersey and across the United States, failure to diagnose cancer and cancer misdiagnosis represents a significant threat. When medical professionals are negligent in discovering, accurately diagnosing, and adequately treating cancers, people’s lives hang in the balance.

At Fronzuto Law Group, our seasoned medical malpractice attorneys take on healthcare professionals, hospitals, and government organizations, regardless of how powerful, to ensure that those responsible for causing our clients harm are held accountable. If you believe you or someone you love is a victim of medical malpractice, contact our offices today at 973-435-4551 to learn about your legal options. Consultations are always provided free of charge.

Veteran Sues for Injuries from Misdiagnosed Cancer

Lynn Magistrale was first declared in good health at a medical center governed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Buffalo, New York five years ago. Just one year later, Magistrale was informed that she had cancer. The first monumental error involved the VA medical professionals’ complete failure to diagnose Lynn’s cancer during her initial exam.

The second major medical error occurred when doctors diagnosed Lynn with the wrong form of cancer. When the cancer was initially discovered, Lynn was told that she had endometrial cancer. She was then referred to Roswell Park Cancer Institute, at which time she learned that, in fact, she had uterine cancer, and the initial diagnosis was wrong. Shortly thereafter, Lynn underwent a hysterectomy.

During these ongoing health issues, Lynn retired from active duty. Although her medical expenses were covered by Tricare during active duty, they were supposed to transition to the Civilians Health and Medical Program (CHAMP-VA) upon her retirement. Due to errors in the VA system, some of the medical bills remained unpaid and were transferred to collections agencies, who now hound Lynn for the significant medical costs that the VA was supposed to cover.

Fortunately, Lynn’s cancer entered remission after surgery and appropriate treatment. Sadly, however, she continues to struggle with health challenges and was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. According to Chris Kreiger, president of the veterans advocacy organization Western New York Heroes, stories like Lynn’s occur all-too-frequently in our current system, leaving veterans as victims.

The VA has reportedly contacted Magistrale and committed to resolving her billing issues, but questions surrounding her cancer misdiagnosis linger.

Questions about Undiagnosed or Misdiagnosed Cancer in NJ?

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