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New Jersey Birth Injury LawyersThe birth of your child can mark one of the most miraculous and beautiful moments of your life. However, these awe-inspiring milestones can turn tragic, and even fatal, for mother and child if the medical professionals tasked with caring for you during this time fail to provide the necessary treatment. Deliveries can present a multitude of problems, requiring extensive monitoring, frequent evaluation, and at times, in-the-moment judgement calls to protect you and your baby as he or she enters the world. Due to the highly sensitive and potentially damaging results of an error during this process, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals simply cannot afford to make mistakes, or worse, to stop paying attention.

At Fronzuto Law Group, our highly skilled New Jersey birth injury attorneys represent both mothers and infants who have suffered injuries during and immediately after child birth. With extensive experience representing hundreds of families in pediatric malpractice and birth injury cases and millions of dollars recovered in damages, our knowledgeable team handles cases ranging from cesarean section errors to children who suffer from cerebral palsy. To read some of our recent verdicts and settlements, click here. And to schedule a free initial consultation, contact our offices at 973-435-4551 or toll free at 888-409-0816. Also, feel free to contact us online.

Birth Injury Attorneys in New Jersey

Our New Jersey birth injury lawyers handle cases involving a vast array of medical conditions, including Cerebral Palsy, down syndrome, epilepsy, neonatal encephalopathy, and other conditions caused by an infant’s lack of oxygen during labor and delivery. Further, we represent clients with other birth-related conditions, including shoulder dystocia, Erb’s palsy, hip dysplasia, craniosynostosis, and plagiocephaly.

Negligence and Malpractice During Labor and Delivery

Our New Jersey labor and delivery negligence attorneys are thoroughly prepared to advocate for you and your child after delivery errors including:

Common Birth Injuries and Complications

Our North Jersey birth injury lawyers represent children and mothers who have suffered birth injuries such as:

Wrongful Birth and Failure to Diagnose Birth Defects

Our New Jersey wrongful birth attorneys also represent victims who suffered harm as a result of wrongful birth and failure to diagnose birth defects such as:

  • Down syndrome
  • Tay-Sachs disease
  • Larsen syndrome
  • Skeletal Dysplasia
  • Pulmonary Hypoplasia

New Jersey Birth Injury Claims and Compensation

Our first priority will be a thorough discussion with you about the extent of your child’s injuries. We will address the physical and emotional impacts on your life and the life of your child, as well as determining present and future financial needs. After an extensive investigation, we will work toward recovering compensation for current medical bills (i.e. MRI tests, CT brain scans, hospital stays), special education, physical therapy, necessary future accommodations (i.e. wheel chair access), long-term medical care, and life care planning.

Some of the recent verdicts and settlements that we have achieved for victims of malpractice in this area include:

  • $3,825,000.00 – Our attorneys recovered this sum on behalf of a family with an 18-month-old child who suffered an anoxic brain injury and permanent disability after a healthcare provider failed to diagnose and treat infant respiratory distress.
  • $2,500,000.00 – Our firm achieved this recovery on behalf of a child after a physician’s failure to diagnose and treat plagiocephaly resulted in permanent deformation of the child’s skull.
  • $2,000,000.00 – We obtained this compensation on behalf of a child who suffered permanent skull deformation due to a doctor’s failure to diagnose and treat craniosynostosis

Contact Passaic County NJ Birth Injury Attorneys for Help

At Fronzuto Law Group, we purposefully limit our caseload in order to provide concentrated and comprehensive service to our clients. Through the duration of your case, we will offer support and guidance while leveraging our specialized knowledge and relationships with well-reputed experts in the field to formulate and execute an effective strategy for obtaining compensation. To discuss the circumstances of your case free of charge, contact our offices at 973-435-4551 or toll free at 888-409-0816 and speak with one of our highly knowledgeable New Jersey birth injury attorneys today.

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