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New Jersey Medical Malpractice and Product Liability Law Blog

Spiders behind recent auto recall

Auto defects can expose consumers to a variety of different harms. Some auto faults pose a fire risk. Auto fires can result in consumers suffering incredibly painful burn injuries.

Recently, an auto recall was issued regarding a rather unusual fire risk. What is unusual about the risk is what is causing it: spiders being able to get into one of the parts of a vehicle.

Strokes and misdiagnosis

Early detection of a stroke can be vital in reducing the amount of overall harm a stroke causes a person. Thus, missed stroke diagnoses by doctors can have substantial negative impacts on patients.

A recent study indicates that missed stroke diagnoses may be worrisomely common. The study reviewed medical data regarding over 187,000 individuals who had been admitted to a medical facility for a stroke.

Man claims MRI negligence caused him to suffer burns

Magnetic resonance imaging scans are generally viewed as being fairly safe and routine medical procedures. However, patients do occasionally suffer injuries during such scans. One thing that can greatly up a patient's injury risk during an MRI scan is when a hospital or its staff fails to act properly in relation to the scan.

Recently, in a neighboring state, a man has alleged that mistakes by staff at a hospital caused him to get burned during an MRI scan.

Surgeon who sued hospital for malpractice awarded damages

Sometimes, injuries suffered in a surgery result in an individual from New Jersey no longer being able to work in their chosen career. The loss of income this can cause can be financially devastating. When a surgical injury that had employment-related effects on a person was caused by negligence by a doctor or a hospital, legal options for seeking compensation from the negligent parties for lost wages may be available to the victim.

Damages for lost wages were part of a damage award that a jury recently granted in a medical malpractice case from another state, Ohio.

Parents seek justice in wake of 6-year-old's death

The child was diagnosed with constipation and sent home from the hospital. Earlier, while playing on a playground, he was injured when he ran into a pole. He fell down and hurt his back. He was taken to a hospital, where he complained of back and abdominal pains. A nurse who saw the 6-year-old noted that he was pale and writhing.

The doctor who examined the boy considered the possibility that he might have internal injuries. He was given some pain-relieving medication. An X-ray, a blood test and a liver test were ordered and carried out. Tests showed that the boy was indeed constipated and that his white blood cell count was high. A nurse at the hospital treated him with anti-nausea drugs and at least one enema.

Lawsuit: Medical negligence led to man's suicide

He was experiencing lower back pain, so he went to a pain care clinic. There he was administered a steroid through an epidural injection. The lump that developed as a result apparently wasn't a major concern to his doctors.

The man was given a second injection, after which he was diagnosed with meningitis and a neurological condition. These medical problems left the man sexually impotent. He suffered constant back pain. He suffered leg pain. His bowels didn't function properly.

Family files negligence suit after woman goes missing in hospital

When we think of hospital errors or medical malpractice, we often think of the events that happen during a surgical procedure or mistakes that a doctor makes. We often forget that hospitals in and around New Jersey are expected to provide a standard level or care from the moment a person comes into the hospital. This includes attending to patients in a timely manner, observing them on a regular basis and keeping them out of danger. If and when a hospital fails to meet these standards, patients can suffer serious illnesses or injuries for which the hospital could be held accountable.

One hospital, for instance, was recently at the center of a lawsuit citing negligence in the death of a 57-year-old woman. Her death did not happen as a result of a botched surgery or medication error, her family says; it happened because the hospital neglected her and failed to maintain safe premises for patients. 

Report: Infections from outpatient surgery rare but serious

Doctors visits are all about statistics. We are told the probability of a procedure being successful or the chances of a dangerous medication side effect. There is a significant weight put on numbers and probabilities. But if and when something happens, even if it is against the odds, the statistics can change. When someone is the victim of an unlikely medical error in New Jersey, there is essentially a 100 percent chance that his or her life will change.

That is why a recent report on outpatient surgical infections is significant. According to the report, roughly 0.5 percent of outpatient surgical patients surveyed developed an infection after leaving the hospital. While this number may seem small, those who do experience an infection can suffer serious consequences and often require more hospitalization and more surgery.

Lawsuit: Dangerous doctor had history of drug use

Surgical procedures can be extremely complicated, which is why we should be able to expect that the people performing the operations are competent and well-trained. If they are not, a patient's life could be put in serious danger. Doctors who are negligent or reckless can and should be held accountable for any damage they cause as a result of their unsafe behaviors. Not only can legal action result in compensation for New Jersey victims, but it can also make it less likely for that doctor to hurt other patients. 

These are the reasons that one man recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a medical center and hospital system that employed a negligent doctor. According to the claim, the neurosurgeon cited in the case allegedly performed dangerous and unnecessary operations on the victim and had a history of serious drug addiction.

Update: Hospital denies any responsibility for woman's death

In our last post, we discussed the tragic and devastating experience that one family is suffering through after a young, 26-year-old woman died in a hospital from a blood clot in her brain. The victim's parents took steps to file a legal claim against the hospital citing negligence and argued that their daughter's death could have been prevented if she had received better care.

But, as is unfortunately the case in many similar situations, the hospital is refusing to take any responsibility for the woman's death. They released a statement saying there was nothing that could have been done to save the woman's life. 

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