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January 2012 Archives

New Jersey company recalls potentially dangerous product

Parents place a lot of trust in the products they use for their children. Children may be especially vulnerable to the influences that these products have on their short and long term health because they are in the developmental stages of their lives. Last week, the New Jersey company Johnson & Johnson recalled a potentially dangerous product. The baby lotion that was recalled may have excess levels of bacteria.

Death of boxer prompts wrongful death suit in New Jersey

A complicated, cross boarder legal battle is now before a judge. The mother of a famous New Jersey boxer's daughter, who died in Brazil, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his widow, claiming she caused his death. Investigators in Brazil said that the man hanged himself in their Brazilian apartment, although investigators representing the boxer's family said that there is no way the man could have committed suicide.

Birth injuries caused by doctors' errors in New Jersey, country

The happiest day of my life. That's how most parents describe the day their child is born. Most would say this no matter what, but sometimes this happy day can turn into a lifelong disability for the child. Medical malpractice is causing birth injuries in New Jersey and across the country. According to one report, six of every 1,000 infants are born with a birth injury in the United States.

Women suffers brain injury, settles suit with New Jersey Transit

Crosswalks are put in place to give pedestrians a safe place to cross the street and to warn drivers of people potentially crossing the street. One woman now has a brain injury after being hit by a New Jersey Transit bus in a crosswalk. The woman was halfway across the street when a bus hit her, pinning her underneath the vehicle. This week a settlement was approved for her lawsuit by the Superior Court in Passaic County for $7.85 million.

Can naps for doctors help prevent medical negligence?

What about hospital staff taking cat naps on the job? Is that a good idea? Readers in New Jersey may be surprised by recent studies that suggest that naps for doctors and other medical staff could actually reduce surgical errors and other types of medical negligence.

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